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Shared Office for Rent

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

As far as office rental goes, there are many choices. Budget and usability of office space should be first deciding factor when you are looking for suitable office rental for your business.

Besides individual business practitioner, small business companies should start to see what type of rooms and spaces each section of their business should have. And if any of these spaces can be shared office among other co-workers.

Reception and waiting area

Every workplace needs an entrance area separate from the main office that visitors can enter. In this area, comfortable seating is necessary if the customers have to wait for their host.

Meeting Room

Co-working Office Space can be crowded at times. Does the office provide the private meeting rooms and if they have enough spaces to meet your needs.

Conference Room

A conference Room is a bigger version of a meeting room that can hold more participants. Plus it has equipment from speakers to a presentation facility.


Your office should at least have a kitchen area where your staff can store and prepare their own meals. No one likes working on an empty stomach. So providing your staff with a refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave and other small appliances can make a big difference in your workplace.


Does office space provide enough bathrooms? A Shared office space should have one bathroom for every 12 people. You do not want to wait in the bathroom lines during working hours.

In Conclusion if you are planning to sign a long term lease, you should consider the overall usability of the space. Co-Working communities such as Oak Forest Executive Center can provide such usability.

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